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The Famous Grouse Whisky - FAQs

The Famous Grouse & RSPB

For over a decade we’ve partnered with RSPB Scotland providing much needed funds to restore and protect important grouse habitats. The total amount raised to date is over £650,000 and the partnership is set to continue.

Find out more about the RSPB here -

Is The Famous Grouse suitable for vegetarians & Vegans?

There are no animal products used in our Scotch whisky products so The Famous Grouse is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Our Master Blender advises that fining in the sherry industry is carried out after the sherry is removed from the cask so no animal products come into contact with the casks.

How many calories/ carbohydrates are there in a bottle of The Famous Grouse?

At bottle strength The Famous Grouse contains 225 calories per 100mls and as for carbohydrates, it contains just a trace.

There is no sugar in Scotch whisky, but the alcohol in any spirit at 40% alcohol by volume will contain about 220 kCal per 100ml. A 1 litre bottle would therefore contain approx. 2200 kCal.

(1 kilojoule = 0.239005736 kilocalories)

Nutritional Information

For Famous Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky at 40% abv:

Energy content: 222 kcal
Protein: none
Carbohydrate: trace
Fat: none

Energy content: 55.5 kcal
Protein: none
Carbohydrate: trace
Fat: none

Is The Famous Grouse suitable for someone with a Gluten allergy?

We are aware of the condition known as Coeliac disease where a person cannot tolerate a protein called gluten found in many cereals. Whilst the raw material for The Famous Grouse production will include barley, maize and wheat there is no gluten in the finished product as it is removed at the distillation stage.  If an allergy is oats specific then you can be assured that this cereal is not used in Scotch Whisky production.

Our knowledge base is in whisky and not medicine so if in any doubt you should consult your doctor, pharmacist or dietician.

Diabetic/ Sugar

We do not state carbohydrate (or sugar) values on the product label as levels will be Nil or trace only.  On occasion spirit caramel may be added to Scotch whisky for consistence of colour and caramel itself may contain trace levels of sugar.  However, the volumes we use in The Famous Grouse blend are very small.

We must stress though that our knowledge base is in whisky and not medicine so if in any doubt you should consult your doctor, pharmacist or dietician.

Is The Famous Grouse Kosher?

No, because the whiskies which go into The Famous Grouse are matured in sherry casks, this means that The Famous Grouse is not Kosher.

What is the grouse pictured in your logo?

The bird we use as our logo and on our labels is the red grouse (Latin name:  Lagopus lagopus scoticus), a wild and free spirit of the magnificent mountains and heather clad glens of Scotland; it was this charismatic national game bird that inspired Perth wine merchant, Matthew Gloag, to create the perfect dram for the growing number of sporting visitors to the Highlands.  A whisky as highly prized, beautifully coloured and unique as the red grouse itself - and so the Grouse Brand was born.  Its distinctive first label was illustrated by Matthew’s daughter, Philippa.  Soon it gained such a reputation amongst the Victorian sportsmen and women that it was renamed The Famous Grouse.

However, I suspect you are referring to the animated bird from our TV adverts and I can advise that, unofficially, he is fondly referred to as Gilbert.

Is The Famous Grouse Company listed?

The Famous Grouse is owned by a private limited company and is therefore not listed on any market worldwide.  Ultimately The Famous Grouse is owned by a charity - The Robertson Trust.

Company registration nos.:   

The Edrington Group  -   SC36374

Highland Distillers      -   SC158731


Thank you for contacting The Famous Grouse. For information on recruitment and our current vacancies please visit:

How long does it take for my order to be dispatched to the UK?

For UK deliveries we advise 2-3 days for delivery.

The Famous Grouse Experience / Distillery Enquiries

Unfortunately we made a conscious decision to sell our Glenturret distillery which will mean for the time being we can no longer offer you a chance to experience a tour with us. We do however have exciting plans to create a new brand home for The Famous Grouse which will be publicised in due course.

Can I buy Famous Grouse merchandise?

We currently sell merchandise to the UK only, please see a link to our shop where you can find our current products available for purchase:

Why is it called The Famous Grouse?

When Perth wine merchant Matthew Gloag first created his high quality blended whisky in 1896, it was intended to be the perfect dram for sporting visitors to the Highlands. It was originally named Gloag’s Grouse after the iconic game bird. As its popularity grew, it was soon renamed The Famous Grouse, as befits a quality dram that has gone on to become Scotland’s favourite tipple.

How is The Famous Grouse’s famous quality maintained?

It’s not by chance that we have remained Scotland’s favourite for over 40 years. The Famous Grouse is a quality blend of exceptional grain whiskies and the finest malts sourced from some of Scotland’s best distilleries. Our malt blend is rested longer for smoothness and filtered at a higher temperature for richness. And the hand crafted oak casks that bring the character of the whisky to life are all carefully sourced and each one is nosed prior to blending to ensure the highest quality in very batch.

Who are The Famous Grouse’s famous rugby partners?

We’ve long been rugby fanatics and have more than 30 years of rugby heritage. Today, The Famous Grouse has Official Partnerships with Premiership Rugby, The British & Irish Lions, SA Rugby and Glasgow Warriors. We are proud to call ourselves The Spirit of Rugby and to celebrate the qualities we share - like skill, craft and a dedication to be the best.