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Our Process

The Famous Way

Our Process

Step 1


Inside the cask is where the magic happens. As the blend marries and matures, our hand-crafted oak casks gently infuse subtle shades of flavour, bringing the character of the whisky to life. Our dedicated team of experts carefully source quality oak that will deliver the distinctive personality of our premium blends. The wood selection allows us to leverage unique flavours such as a toasted undertone, a brighter fruity note or something a little sweeter.

Step 2


Fame isn’t ever a truly overnight process, and nor is the blending of The Famous Grouse. Good flavour develops in good time which is why our marrying process can take weeks. You can’t hurry love. And you certainly shouldn’t hurry whisky. Bringing together our Famous blend of fine grain whisky and quality single malts from some of Scotland’s finest distilleries is always a considerate introduction process. Allowing the elements ample time to create a balanced fusion removes the need for any harsh filtration so that our round smooth flavour is preserved.

Step 3


Each cask is ‘nosed’ by our Master Blender to ensure the consistent quality of our Famous flavour that you’ll find in every bottle of The Famous Grouse. Call us perfectionists, but we wouldn’t allow anything less.

Step 4


The Famous Grouse might be Scotland's favourite whisky, but we're not known to rest on our laurels. We've been working to develop a tempting new range of quality blends to make your whisky moment all the more sweet. Or spicy. Or maybe a little smoky. Find your favourite from our new character blends created by our Master Blender.

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